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Breed: Holsteiner
Gender: Imported Gelding
Height: 17.2 hds
Color: Grey
Training level: 1,35m show jumper
Great EQ-prospect!

Clintaro is an experienced show jumper -schoolmaster for any level rider

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Shown in the ribbons at 1,35m in Europe - even front places in speed jumping competitions!
Excellent, elastic, flexible flatwork, auto changes, short roll backs etc
Big, calm, rhytmic & even stride but can also go against the clock!
Secure, experienced, uncomplicated to ride.
Makes any rider feel safe and look good. Clintaro knows his job!
Also a great EQ- prospect
100% sound, clean x-rays

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Bentley (SOLD)

Breed: Holsteiner
Gender: Imported Gelding
Age: 8
Height: 16.3 hds
Color: chestnut with white blaze & feet
Training level: 1,20m classes + fox hunting experience
Great Eventing prospect!

“Bentley” is the quintessential auto-pilot jumper.

Shown in the ribbons at 1,20m in Europe
Loves cross-country work, water
Jumps with any level rider, any time, at any place incl. Shows, perfectly! From 12 yr old children to adult amateurs
Bentley is a prestigious Casall son!
100% sound, clean x-rays
The perfect jumper - with a heart of gold!

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Breed: KWPN
Gender: Imported Gelding
Age: 9
Height: 16.3 hds
Color: grey
Training level: schooling 1,30m
Solid dressage training through 4th level

Powerful KWPN jumper with big scope - GP potential

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Powerful KWPN jumper with big scope! Evaluated by professionals as future pot. GP jumper
Stunningly beautiful with lots of presence
Exceptional multi-talented athlete with top conformation and movement - also trained through 4th level dressage!
Lgendary jumping lines: Canturano X Nimerdor
Fast, ambitious horse for a confident active amateur or young professional ! Goes securely with the guidance of his rider.
Suitability also for dressage
Super sweet personality
100% sound, recent good x-rays

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