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Breed: P.R.E.
Gender: Stallion
Height: 16.3 hds (1,69m)
Age: 5 yrs
Color: Bay
Training level: Basic dressage, shoulder in, half passes etc

Nativo is an amazing dressage talent!

Nativo's presence speaks loudly for itself! He is stunningly beautiful and ideally build for dressage. 3 top quality gaits and an amazing disposition make him a true FEI prospect! He is virtually bomb-proof in any situation and safe for any level rider. Alert and engaging but calm. Under saddle responsive but not 'electric'. A young stallion with amazing focus and a big future in the dressage arena. Clean x-rays, 100% sound!

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Heredero (SOLD)

Breed: Lusitano
Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 yrs
Height: 16.3 hds
Color: Grey
Training level: Basic dressage + confirmed flying changes(!)

Heredero is a youngster who impresses through amazing balance, and the most level headed disposition.

This is a young Lusitano who shows supple movement that can be further developed. A horse that can be moved up the levels super easy when his correct training is continued with a structured approach! Heredero is an ideal young amateur dressage horse, comfortable to sit, calm, fun and uncomplicated to ride. Like his older brother, this is the type of horse that scores high through correctness and consistency (and often beats the spectacular movers at shows with a tendency to inconsistent performance in the overall scores). Heredero is also great out on trails. A Lusitano that will move up the levels, securely and consistently presenting his breed with strong nerves and a kind, cooperative disposition. A great young horse at a reasonable price!

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